The Buying Process

Whether you’re a First-Time-Home-Buyer or an investor, homeownership allows you to build equity and wealth. Owning a home is a dream for most people that begins with 3 simple steps:

  1. Getting Preapproved / Securing Funds

  2. Clearly Defining Needs -vs- Wants

  3. Navigating the Market

Having clarity on the above 3 steps to begin with, allows me to work with you on the complete process from short listing property options, arranging showings, viewing properties, submitting offers and negotiating a closing on favourable terms.

Let’s begin Step 1!

Getting Results

The greatest determining influence between a Buyer’s Market and a Seller’s Market, is the demand-supply gap in property inventory levels. While a buyer’s market is the most favourable scenario, a seller’s market typically limits a home buyers options due to inflated prices as a direct result of rising demand.

For instance, a house of your desired configuration, in your desired location, may sell outside of your desired price-range.

Navigating the market strategically can give us an advantage when it comes to submitting offers, regularly as well as preemptively. Additionally, working with an agent with a good network can also uncover opportunities that may not be currently visible on the market.


Investing in Real Estate has repeatedly proven to be one of the fastest ways to build generational wealth in Canada.

An investment property, is any property that has the capability to generate income for its owners, by means of rent or increasing equity. Regardless of whether you’re a Short Term, Medium Term, or Long Term investor navigating the market for opportunities; there will be a Cash Flow (+ve/-ve/Neutral) opportunity to suit your motivations.

Looking for Market Appreciation? Ask me about the markets where your money can work for you.

Curious about Platinum Appreciation? Ask me how we could secure secret pricing on pre-con properties before they launch.

Preconstruction Projects

With property prices rising in a Sellers’ Market, a lot of my clients are now opting to invest in preconstruction projects for a variety of reasons:

• You are the first owner of the unit, and you get to select or customize certain things; flooring, appliances, cabinetry, minor alterations, etc.

• You have more time to save up for the deposit as it is often done in instalments as the project develops. The deposit usually adds up to 15-20% of the purchase price by the time of occupancy.

• If you have purchased a unit as an investment property (and intend to lease), Renters prefer the newest and best in suite features and building amenities.

I can assist with:

  • Reading Building & Floor Plans

  • Verifying Assignment Clauses

  • Determining a Fair Price

  • Submitting Worksheets

  • Conducting Negotiations

Ask me how my status with builders can help you save thousands of dollars in Upgrades, Caps on Development costs, Free Parking and Lockers, and much more when you decide to invest in a preconstruction property.

Why not, Me?

As a Real Estate Sales Agent, I strive to represent the Gold standard of real estate services by making it my mission to bring you winning results while delivering a client experience that’s beyond compare.

Here’s what I could bring to our table, when we work together:

  • Humility.

  • A solution-first approach.

  • Turbo-charged Searching Powers.

  • Special access to Pre-construction projects in the GTA.

  • Experience in turning First Time Buyers into Investors.

  • Professional experience of 12+ years in sales leadership.

  • Exposure in working with a multi-cultural client base.

  • An array of services to drive your success (scroll below).

Buyer Services

Working with me, also allows you to access...

  • Mortgage Experts & Lenders

  • Real Estate Lawyers

  • Renovators and Contractors

  • Qualified Home Inspectors

  • Preconstruction Projects & Condo Opportunities

  • Detailed Property Reports

  • Market Analysis & Insights

  • Real-time Listing Alerts

  • Complimentary Mortgage Infosession

  • Suggestions for Moving & Storage Services